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Director: M. Kreihsl, movie with music according to the opera of W. A Mozart, 1989; Austrian contribution for the Berlinale Film Festival

"Der blaue Nil" (The blue Nil) Director: Kresa Belki, Movie/16mm, 45', 1989

"Hora" Director: A. Maurer, short movie, 16 mm/F/15' 1993 (CBE)

"Windspiel" Movie by Ali Ghani, about the research of a son after his father, Iran/Austria, 35 mm, 90' 1999, DOP in Austria (A. Ghani)


"Eine Bewegung der Zeit" (A movement of time) Dir.: M. Kreihsl, 16 mm/ B&W,C / 28', 1987 Movie. Berlinale 1987, int. Festivals

“Auf dem Weg" (On the way) Dir: P. Schreiner , Movie, 16 mm/B&W/200'  /1989 (Schreiner) 2. Unit

"Andys Cake" (A) Dir.: T. Panoutsopolos,  actionistic film collage with Otto Mühl and other famous artists. Beta SP / 45'1993 (Panouts.)

"Das Elend der Majestäten" (The poverty of majesties) actionist short film with Hannes Gleisle and Rudi Kobald /Hi - 8, 35', 1994 (CBE)


"Winter" Fragments / documentary about the island Mali Loscinj, Croatia 16mm/B&W/C/40',1990 (CBE)

"12 Tage 12 Nächte" (12 days, 12 nights) Documentary about an event by Bernd Fasching and Gallery Latal, Zurich, Beta SP / 45' 1992 ( Stummer/ CCC Film & CBE)

"So ist der Mensch" (This is how men are) - 5 video films about the 1. World war within a video installation for the historical museum /Vienna

"Die letzten Tage der Menschheit" (Last days of mankind) Theatre film adaptation with Justus Neumann Beta SP /B&W /, 45', 1994, (CBE)

Im Reiche des Lichts (In the empire of light) about the Sahauris in South Algeria, Digi Beta , 16:9, 55' 1998 ARTE / ZDF

"Egypt", "Nashville & S. Antonio", "Dominican Republic" Tourism videos Beta SP, 3 X 45' / 1998 (ORF/ Stromberger/ Bertelsmann/RTL)


"Meisterkochen" (Master cooking) Weekly commercial program sponsored by product placements for the Austrian TV (ORF) 1992 - 98 about. 50 times, each 5' 16 mm, Beta SP, (Degn Film)

"Die feinen Herren" (The smart gentlemen) Fine Comedy with 5 Austrian comedians, contribution at Montreux, Beta SP, 16:9 , 35' 1999

"Absolut Life" Weekly lifestyle magazine for the ORF/about 30 reports and 1. Studio camera 1999 & 2000


"Day after Day" Music clip / Music: Freddy Gigele,1988, ORF

"Give me a poem" Music clip, Papermoon, (CBE)

"MAX" Music clip, 1991 (CBE)

"Der Nußknacker"´The nutcracker   video with the Bratislava Ballet Beta SP / 45' 1995(C-3)

"Mozartiana" Videos scenes for a Friedrich Gulda - Show Tour, Beta SP / ca. 220', 1996

"Die Schöpfung" (The creation) Music video to the music of J. Hayden, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, 1994

Over 30 Music videos for


"Rennbahn Expreß" Commercial, 35mm, (Ponte Film) 1990

"Sie haben nichts!" You’ve got nothing Dirk: Axel Stummer, video film about panic attacks

"Vogl & Noot" 2 Image videos Beta SP, 17 & 34 min. 1994 (St. Schwarz)

"Mühlviertl" Image film for the tourism bureau of Upper Austria 16mm / 9', 1995; Best Austrian tourism film 1996, 4th. place at CIFfT 1996

“Assamer” High budget corporate/gravel and concrete production 20', Digi Beta, 2000

“OVB” 44 sec commercial, for n-TV Germany. Prod. Medias D, Digi Beta, 2000 (Media D/ CBE)


“SBS –Australia by Numbers” (documentary)   
“Boags Beer”, “Examiner”, “Safety workplace” (commercials)  
Camera assistant for Russel Galloway on film.
“Red Cherry” Short film by Robert Watson,  DV, 13', 2001, Hobart (R. Watson)
“Mother of the year“, ”Hamilton Show”, (...) 8 Reports and casual work for TV and corporate
"Stock for Europe" – Rainforest, Wildlife etc.  For CCC Film / Austria
“Science of Sport/Cricket” Australian Nat. Team in Tasmania, Dir.Sanjida O’Connell, Digi Beta    
“The white shark – project” Grenada TV
“Easy Employment" Commercial/TV for Centrepac Agent:  Mazengrab Leo Burnett

Freelancing full time for ABC – Hobart  
Camera assistant for R. Galloway
“At the end of the line” short drama, 12', Dir. Fleur Nelson
“Tasmania Library” commercial x 2, Dir.: J. Dawson, FEARLESS MEDIA
“Swinburne” corporate x 5, MIRO FILMS
“Geeveston School” corporate, 10', MIRO FILMS
“Deutsche Welle” Report, 20', DW Berlin
“Connect” Training video, 8', Dir. Tony Lomas
“Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange” Documentary about the 2. Gen. of Vietnam Veterans. 50'
“Pirate Fishing”, “Styx Valley”, “Recycling Tasmania” PR shot for Greenpeace
“RACT – X-mas present” commercial, CLEMENGERS

Freelancing for ABC, SBS, Channel 9, Southern Cross  
“The dog house” –documentary about the deaf school in Hobart. 20', MIRO FILMS
“Connect” - 6 TV- commercials, CLEMENGERS
“Tessla” – recording of the I-HOS opera Hobart, I-HOS. 65'
News stock work for Greenpeace
Wildlife stock for Parks & Wildlife

Freelancing in Tasmania
Between August and November 2004 in Vienna:
Freelancing in AUSTRIA, Puls TV and CCC-Film. (Karlich etc.)
“Caveman” Short Film with Justus Neuman, CBT
Consultant for Beaumorris project – wildlife display and park Hobart
“Spit” – Short docu about a stand-up comedy group on Bruny Island (CBT)

Freelancing in Tasmania
Gilgamesch (X) – 3 video clips, Tasmanian Guitarist Juluis Schweng / CBT
NTC  Corporate / Tutorial for Stock Brokers 60', CBT
"In The Eye of the Eagle" – Documentary about Wedgged Tail Eagles in Tasmania CBT
Fats Waller - Theatre show by Justus Neumann / Hobart (CBT)
Freelancing in AUSTRIA, CCC-Film., ACT MEDIA

Freelancing in Tasmania
Street girls about Mara House and the girls living there. In progress CBT
Between March - November
Freelancing in AUSTRIA, CCC-Film., ACT MEDIA, Film Park Mödling

"Singing up a storm": Community project by Fiona Stewart. 7', DV
"Clown in Paradise":  Documentary about Justus Neumann, Austrian actor who lives in Tasmania; in progress. HD, 60', CBT
Circus Elysium -
“Catapult”: Circus show, 90 min. for DVD sale

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