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"Winter  Fragments": Documentary about the island Mali Lošinj, Croatia, 16mm, 40', 1990, CBE

"So ist der Mensch": 5 films about WW1, video installation for the Historical museum, Vienna

"Kunst bringt Kohle": Art-film, event by the artist B. Fasching, Beta SP, 20' 1992, Stummer, CBE

"Circus Bruny": Documentary about a circus in Tasmania, Hi-8, Master: Beta SP, 30', 1995, CBE

"Stefano in Dongio": Documentary about a mountain farmer in the swiss alps, Hi-8, 35', 1997, CBE

"Trouble in Paradise": Film project about immigrants & environment in Tasmania, DV-CAM, ongoing

"Around Tasmania": Tourist video for "Tasmanien Reisen", 14', master on digital Beta, 2000

"Spit": Short docu about a stand-up comedy group on Bruny Island, 20', 2004, CBT

"In The Eye of the Eagle": Documentary about Wedgged Tail Eagles in Tasmania, 30',  2005, CBT

"Street girls": Documentary about a Mara House workshop, still in progress, 2006-2012, CBT

"Singing up a storm": Community project about a singing group in Tasmania, 22', 2007, CBT

"Clown in Paradise": Documentary about Justus Neumann, an Austrian actor, HD, 60', CBT

"Dennis´Garden": Short film about a fairy garden, 17', 2007, CBT


"MAX": Music video, 1991, for MTV, CBE

"Die letzten Tage der Menschheit": ("Last days of mankind"), theatre film, Beta SP, 45', 1994

"Deborah Mansky": Concert film at Moonah, 45', 2004, CBT

"Tessla": Recording of a I-HOS opera Hobart, I-HOS. 65', 2004

"Gilgamesch": 3 video clips, Tasmanian Guitarist Juluis Schweng, CBT

"Fats Waller": Theatre show by Justus Neumann / Hobart, CBT

"Circus Elysium" - “Catapult”: Circus show, 90' for DVD sale, CBT


"Out of Swatch" - Event-Making-of, 120', Directed by Franz Novotny (Neutor Film, Vienna)

"Das Elend der Majestäten" ("The poverty of majesties"), actionist short film, Hi -8, 35', 1994

"Caveman (X)": Short Film with Justus Neuman,  HD 7', 2007, CBT


"Mühlviertl": Image film for the tourism bureau of Austria, 16mm, 9', 1995 ; Best Austrian tourism film 1996, 4th. place at CIFfT 1996

"OVB": 45'' commercial, for n- TV, Germany, 2000, MediaD

"OVB": 45'' corporate, 2000 MediaD

"Tasmanian Rainforest": Multimedia DVD, 40', 2003

NTC Corporate / Tutorial for Stock Brokers 60', 2005, CBT

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